[SOLVED] Hp Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously

Having troubles with your HP laptop caps lock blinking continuously?

It’s ok, I have had that same experience on my personal HP laptop and the good news is that I was able to fix it by a recommendation from HP.

Today, I am willing to share that same recommendation that worked for me with you.

Continuous blinking laptop caps lock is an issue that is common among many HP laptop users.

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What Does Blinking Caps Lock Light Mean On HP Laptop

A blinking caps lock light on HP laptop means that that there’s something wrong with your power supply which could be coming from your battery, or your HP charger connected to electricity.

A blinking caps lock light also means that you HP laptop vents are clogged with dust and there’s no room for ventilation.

Reasons Why HP Laptop Caps Lock Light Keep Blinking

These are the reasons:

1. Faulty Charger

Faulty chargers are very common and could cause complex problems on your HP laptop.

A faulty charger can send the wrong voltage directly to your laptop which would definitely develop an issue overtime.

If your charger is faulty or you happen to be using the wrong charger for your HP laptop, it’s best you replace your HP charger to avoid permanent damage.

2. Overheating

Overheating is one of the most common problems among laptops owners.

It mostly caused by your vent fan not working properly or at all.

However, there are cases where it is caused by dust clogging your vents.

To know if your HP laptop fan vent is working correctly, put your ear closer to the vent and try to listen for a fan noise.

If you get an inconsistent fan noise or no fan noise at all, it means there’s something wrong with your laptop fan and it needs to be fixed.

A simple way to resolve overheating is to get an external cooling fan

3. Inconsistent Power Supply

There’s a chance your power outlet is faulty which can cause your charger to send inconsistent power to your laptop.

This is dangerous for not just your HP laptop but for your battery and charger as well.

Try using a different power outlet to see if it helps stop your caps log that is flashing continuously.

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Note – The method below will require you to open your laptop with a screwdriver and remove some components. If you don’t know how or are not confident enough to do it yourself, let a professional help you. We won’t be responsible if you damage your computer.

How To Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously

Here’s how to fix it,

1. Shut Down Your Computer

Shut down windows 10 laptop

The first step is to shut down your computer because you are dealing with a hardware issue and nothing to do with software.

Shutting down your computer makes it safe to remove any component attached to your HP laptop.

Trying to remove any component attached to your HP laptop while it’s turned on can damage your laptop.

2. Remove Your Battery

The second steps involve you removing or disconnecting your battery from your HP laptop.

The reason for this is that you will have to take out some components from your laptop and you can’t do that while your laptop battery is connected.

3. Remove Your Ram

Removing ram from a laptop

The third step involves you taking out your ram from its slot.

Here’s how,

1. Open your laptop by unscrewing all the screws at the back of your laptop with the right screwdriver.

2. Remove your RAM. Remove everything if you have more than one.

3. Wipe your ram with a soft clean cloth.

4. Put the RAM aside and continue with the next step.

4. Disconnect WiFi Card Cable

Laptop wifi adaptor

The fourth step requires you to disconnect the two tiny cables connected to your wireless adaptor from your motherboard.

Gently detach the cable one after the other and keep them separated.

5. Hold Your Power Button For 40 Sec

Holdind down laptop power button

The fifth step requires you to perform a hard reset on your HP laptop.

Here how,

Simply press and hold your power button for 40 seconds and then release your hand.

Make sure both your RAM and WIFI card is disconnected before performing this hard reset.

6. Reinsert Your RAM And Connect Your WiFi Card Cable

Reinsert laptop ram

For the sixth step, you have to return everything you removed back in place.

Connect your WiFi Card cables first.

Before connecting your RAM back to its slot, blow on to the slots to try to get all the dust out.

Avoid getting your saliva on your motherboard.

After you have tried to get most of the dust out, connect your RAM back to its slot correctly.

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7. Turn On Your HP Laptop

This is the final step.

Once you have done all the steps correctly, turn on your HP laptop by clicking on the power button once.

Your HP laptop caps lock should stop blinking continuously if you followed my instructions correctly.

Alternative Solutions

If the above method didn’t work for you, you should try these alternative solutions.

1. Reset Your Bios

Here’s how,

1. Perform all the methods above up to step 4.

2. Remove the tiny circular bios battery.

3. Press and hold your power button for 30 seconds.

4. Reconnect everything you removed back to its rightful place.

5. Turn on you HP laptop.

2. Check Your Laptop Air Vent

Confirm if your HP laptop vent is working correctly.

Put your ears very close to the vents and try to listen if you can hear your fans working properly.

If you hear an inconsistent noise or no noise at all, it means there’s something wrong with your laptop fan.

You can also put your hand close to the vent to feel any heat blowing unto your hands to confirm if your fan is working properly.

If you can’t feel anything on your hand, it means you fan is bad and causing your HP laptop to overheat.

3. Replace Your Charger

There’s a chance that your laptop charger is faulty and is sending the wrong voltage to your HP laptop.

This normally happens when your power socket goes bad and then affects your charger.

You should consider trying a separate HP charger to see if it stops your caps log from blinking or flashing continuously.


How Do I Fix My HP CAPS LOCK Blinking?

To fix your HP caps lock blinking, you have to perform a hard reset after disconnecting your ram, battery and wifi adaptor cables.

You can also try cleaning your laptop vents to keep air flowing and reduce overheating.

Why Does My Caps Lock Light Keep Flashing?

Your laptop may be suffering from overheating meaning your laptop air vents is clogged with dust or the fan isn’t just working.

How Do I Turn Off The Flashing Light On My HP Laptop?

To turn of flashing light on an HP laptop, you have to perform a hard reset.

Here’s how,

Press and hold your power button for 30 seconds after disconnecting your batteries and charger.

How Do I Completely Reset My HP Laptop?

Here’s how,

1. Search for reset this pc in the windows search.

2. Click on get started in the reset this pc section.

3. Next, select remove everything to completely reset your HP laptop.

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